Star Trek 40 years anniversary and Christies

img star trek Beam me up Scotty…

Christies last week completed its first “official” auction of Star Trek items, with about 1,000 lots put up by CBS Paramount Television Studios, including props and costumes used in the TV shows and films.

And Kirk you’re a Red Shirt when you didn’t get your hand on some of the alien ship and space station models for tactical training.

Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, might have already switched to Warp drive when he paid more than USD 300,000 for Captain Kirk’s chair four years ago.

New York became an extraterrestrial price zone during 5th-7th October when Christies lotted in more then 7.1 Mio good old earth green backs for the items used just a few years ago in the California studios. And bidders did not distinguish between friend or foe, star fleet and Klingon items went alike.

Top runner was an Enterprise D model with internal lighting (untested) that sold for USD 576,000 (estimated: USD 25 -35,000). It was closely followed by a Klingon Bird-of-Prey model for USD 307,200 (estimated: USD 8-12,000). Maybe they did not turn off the cloaking device so bidders recognized it too late.

Also Dr. McCoy’s silver space suit together with helmet found a new home for USD 144,000 (estimated: USD 6-8,000). What a bargain in mid 22nd century terms.

Whoopi Goldberg’s fencing outfit was seemingly less desirable for a mere USD 800.

All top items went officially to private US bidders. We have no confirmed reports of star ship activity in the N.Y. area during the 5th-7th October time period…

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