Web Browsers: New IE and Firefox ante portas

img browser icons Both Microsoft and the Mozilla Foundation today announced new versions of their popular web browsers.

Both releases are primary targeted at web developers. The public release for Mozilla Firefox is due within November 2006 while Microsoft wants to roll out Internet Explorer 7 by the end of October to end users.

Developers are strongly advised to test their web sites with the new version of Internet Explorer as many “hacks” that worked in the past will only function with IE 7 if these comply to web standards.

The new Internet Explorer introduces a host of new features for end users including tabbed browsing, a new look, RSS and Atom feed reading together with improved search and printing functionality. Users who did not manually download IE7 will have it installed a few weeks after release date through the automatic MS Windows Update function

End user improvements within Mozilla Firefox 2.0 include enhanced tabbed browsing, more bookmark features plus Microsummaries, inline spell checking for form text fields and Phishing protection to warn users when a web site appears to be a forgery.

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