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Life: The Art of Complex Problem Solving

US consulting and graphic design company Ideagram has created an outstanding set of diagrams to explain problem solving processes. These are some of the best diagrams we have seen to visualize complex systems thinking, knowledge and ideas. Marshall Clemens, a graphics designer and engineer is behind Ideagram. click on the image for the jump and [...]

Gadgets: Panic button for your keyboard

There are many moments when you might have missed this button on your keyboard. It doesn’t do much – depending on which button you cover – but you feel a lot better having a button to stab at when everything goes to wrong. It comes with a self-adhesive pad on the base. Safe for home [...]

Eternity on Ice

When your kids have taken over the Lego Ice cubes there is something that might last a bit longer with you. Art. Lebedev Studio is introducing this beautiful ice tray with an eternal touch. The design is based on the fairy-tale “The Snow Queen”. Available soon through Art. Lebedev retailers and importers worldwide. He arranged [...]

IT Project Management illustrated

The painful process from vision to reality… via The Techsplodervia EzzyEnough

Internet: Finding the most watched advertising videos

While many just switch to another channel when a block of advertisements starts on TV, others seemingly can’t get enough of it. And we’re talking dozens of million views here… All-time-high winner Sony Bravia not only made it to the front-page news, got millions of views on the top download sites, it even got its [...]

Duvet-Dayz: Last week’s most popular posts (week 22-October-2006)

Most popular (week 22 to 29-October-2006): (27-10-2006) Top 10 time waster games(29-10-2006) Design: Great animations online (1)(28-10-2006) UK: Road signs hacked(17-10-2006) The Economist: On issues with US voting machines(24-10-2006) Firefox 2: Microsoft sends a cake to congratulate(22-10-2006) Motionposter: Best advertising idea since years(18-10-2006) Interactive Map: World’s Most Polluted Places(28-10-2006) Christmas shopping for the ultra-rich (1)(17-10-2006) [...]