Neuros OSD: First Open Source Media Center

img Neuros OSDNeuros made available beta versions of their new expandable open source media center called OSD this week to developers and testers alike.

The OSD (“open source device”) is a replacement of Neuros’s DVR set-top box loaded with masses of new features. It can record MPEG-4 video from analog sources such as cable or broadcast TV receivers, DVD players, and so on, to flash memory or directly to portable media players like iPods or PSPs. As it also comes with an USB and Ethernet port you can also connect drives or use it as network storage.

Bounties have been put up by Neuros for various add-on developments.

info based on article from LinuxDevices

Current Product Features:
(Subject to change as more features are coded into the OSD firmware)

  • Standalone Linux Based Media Player connects to your TV
  • Record from any external analog audio/video source such as a DVD player or Cable box
  • Automatically encode video/audio for playback on mobile devices such as PSP and mobile phones
  • Playback a variety of media formats on your TV including MP4, AVI, ASF, MP3, OGG, WMA, AC3
  • Timed recording feature allows scheduled recordings in advance
  • Storage via media cards (SD/MMC and CF) or external USB hard drive
  • IR Remote Learning and Playback
  • Future Implementation for Network Attached Storage functionality
  • Updateable Open Source Firmware
  • Linux OS (2.6 Kernel)

Neuros has put up bounties for the following extension development:
(check for updates on their site)

  • YouTube or Google video Browser (Bounty: $1000)
  • Flickr Photo Browser (Bounty: $600)
  • Implement a wireless remote using a WiFi PDA (or PSP) as the remote (Bounty: $500)
  • TiVo style functionality for radio. Hook up the OSD to a FM/AM or Satellite receiver and do timed recordings or FF/RW and Pause Live Radio (Bounty: $700)
  • VoIP on the OSD. Plug a USB phone into the OSD and make calls without touching any of your PCs (Bounty: $500)

More information at:

Neuros OSD developer blog

ThinkGeek: Neuros OSD

Neuros OSD developer wiki

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