Monty Python’s All Time Classics

img missing How to better start this blog then with a reference to some of the all-time classics from Monty Python’s. Thanks to the web you can do the time warp and watch some of their best sketches and songs on your computer. For those of you who don’t know the group Wikipedia has some background info (a bit dry) here.

I don’t describe the content of the videos links below, you have to see for yourself.

Warning: Users with limited capabilities for British humor should refrain from clicking on the links below!

Opening Credits: The Meaning of Life
link to video on YouTube
YouTube video: click on the image above to open.

Here’s the list of the clips we found to be the best of those available on web:

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Monty Python: The Black Knight

video length: 2:10min

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Monty Python: Dead Parrot

video length: 3:24min

img missing

Monty Python: Silly Job Interview

video length: 4:10min

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