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If you asked yourself where that strange name for our site came from – see some definitions of the term Duvet-Days below.

We’ve gone a step further and believe Duvet Days don’t necessarily have to be spend in bed – they might – but on such days most people do whatever interests them most at that point in time.

So on Duvet-Dayz.com you will find in-depth articles focused on subjects like technology, finance, politics and a few other things. But (most) lawyers, programmers, bankers or politicians have another life beyond their profession too – they do sports, travel, enjoy a video, or are just interested in beautiful things.

So if we see something on the Internet what we believe is worth telling somebody else, we often create a short flick on this site.

You will also find more in-depth information on various topics here with new ideas or information that frequently will not be available through main-stream media due to the commercial, political or other special-interest straight jacket many of those are vested in today.

Have fun and please come back often!

Duvet Days Definitions

BBC e-cyclopedia:

Duvet-Days, n, buzzword; a day when employees have the right to stay in bed instead of going in to work, no prior booking required.

The Phrase Finder:

A paid day’s work in which the employee is allowed to stay at home for rest and relaxation.

This is a UK phrase that originated from workplace practice began in the 1960s there and in the USA. The first recorded reference to it is in September 1996 when The Financial Times reported…

Urban Dictionary:

Duvet Day, When one takes the whole day to relax in the comfort of a duvet, whilst beating their meat and two veg.

I persuaded my boss that I was ill, so I took a duvet day. I’m going to use the sick pay to buy more lube

Anyway (and we hope you made it reading this far) we see Duvet-Days more like these long weekends when you finally find the time to read that book, flip through magazines during a breakfast or just spend the whole afternoon on the web browsing around for new things.

We want to do some work for you to find those beautiful things, the latest stories or other interesting information so that you can have a bit of it everyday. You might even enjoy it at work…

A last word: Even if we still have ad blocks on some of our pages, this is no commercial venture. If there would be some money flow coming in from ads on this site, our intention is to distribute it back to the community.


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